Our Services

Cleaning On-Site Services

Within our service area, we offer on-site commercial storefront & residential awning maintenance. All fabrics are gently cleaned with proven products and methods, and protectors are applied where appropriate. All affected windows are wiped clean and sidewalks are rinsed of soap. This proper care keeps your investments looking great!


Most repairs if caught early will save your item and extend its useful life.

Our repair services include:

Restitching with standard or high-tech thread


Patching: sewn, glued, or self-adhesive

Braid repairs and replacements

Zipper repair, replacement, and lubrication

Snap, fastener, and grommet repair and replacement

Boat enclosure window and screen replacement

Size adjustments and upgrades

Velcro replacement

Frame repair: pipe and hardware

New & Replacement Awning

If your awnings are looking a little tired, or even if you would like a change of color or design, choose from our wide selection of awning fabrics for your original frames. If you would like a brand new awning for a window, doorway, or deck, let us provide you with a wide choice of products and all the awning services you need.


Residential customers really appreciate our installing their new retractable awnings that they can't quite manage to put up themselves. Popular awning companies use us as their expert subcontractor, as we do many of their awning installations.